Who is Mildred?

Welcome to The Plumm, a website site that talks about the best kitchen gadgets and food recipes to improve your cooking skills.

My name is Mildred and I set up this site to record my favourite recipes and drinks together with a log of favourite online shops that I recommend. I did have a blog previously but thought I’d start again completely from scratch.

Born and bred in the USA, I moved to Spain with my husband John in 2013. We sold our interior design business and our home in the USA to fund our new lifestyle here in Malaga.

Just like anywhere in the world, life is not a bed of roses and as much as we are grateful for our lifestyle here, it does have its ups and downs. However, we no longer run a business dealing with clients, which aids greatly in our new lifestyle. We now buy properties in Spain and sell them on after renovating them. It’s so much easier and fun than dealing with the general public (apologies to previous clients, but you did not always make our life easy!).

Due to working extremely long hours in the USA, I did not cook often. However, here we have found the time to do just that and I soon discovered that I had become a foodie! I’m not sure how but it seems to be a very popular pastime these days anyway so maybe that’s why it just happened.

I can’t honestly pin point an absolute favourite cuisine, but I guess I’d have to agree when John says it must be “Chinese”. We also love Thai, Indian and Japanese. We do of course eat traditional foods as well as Spanish food; you’ll even find a few recipes for those here too.

We do of course enjoy eating out, but I do have a passion for recreating restaurant dishes at home. They don’t always work out first time, but I don’t give up until I’m happy with a certain dish. Once I recreate the perfect dish, it’ll get added to the site.