Fantasy : The Ultimate Sexy Plumber

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Getting down and dirty with a sexy plumber, who hasn’t fantasized about this?

Plumbers are hot but have you ever tried hitting on your plumbers or maybe the cable guy, or construction worker in real life? Tried and succeeded in luring them into your bed or is this a fantasy that only ever comes to life in porn scenes like the one recently released?

In that scene titled Turning Point Part 3, hottie Alex Mecum required the services of a plumber but he turned the tables by servicing the plumber who showed up on his door instead.


By giving Bruce’s pipe a deepthroating.

In truth, the herculean Bruce Beckham is straight but the sight of the naked Alex made him pretty horny! He reasoned a mouth is just a mouth and allowed Alex to give him a blow job. Of course they ended up having anal sex.

Has this happened to you? Drooled over your plumber and tried to bait him? How did that go for you? Or are you the plumber who gets hit on by the customer on a regular basis? What do you do when thrown into that situation?

None of the above? What about role-playing with your man wherein you guys experimented as homeowner and plumber and had sex in the bathroom? Have you ever tried that before?

Sexy as hell, don’t you think?

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