What Are The Types of Sex Toys You Can Use As A Couple?

Are you interested in sex shop content but do not know where to start and what tools to try? Follow these lists of how to use sex toys for couples the most important love tools that you will definitely not buy.

6 sexual aids you have to try!

The range of sex shops is very varied. Looking at business shelves or websites, you can find dozens, hundreds or thousands of different things designed to spice up and improve the intimate life of women, men and couples themselves. Experts have prepared a basic landmark of six things that you should not be overlooked on erotic shops.


A vibrator or a vibrating dildo is a classic that you simply cannot spoil. It is often the only thing that shy couples and lone women buy. The investment can be small (the basic models are available from two hundred crowns), as well as experienced and demanding users will come to purchase their advanced models for thousands of crowns.

The advantage of the vibrator is the possibility of using it for both women themselves and for playing in two, even in the case of special anal shapes for the men themselves. It represents a pleasant diversification of sex life, so it must be left aside the prejudice that only desperate ladies and couples with impotent men use it.

A number of vibrators are specifically designed for pairing and you will see that even a man proud of his skills does not end up enjoying his use as an add-on. The variety of shapes, sizes, functions, and prices additionally make it your model is chosen by virtually everyone.

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At first glance, they do not even have to be a typical sexual aid, as if they do not innocently wear an erotic toy with which everyone can play as he likes. In addition, we recommend a nice eyebrow scarf to enhance the bonding experience. It’s not a perverse thing, everybody’s just attracted to being in the other’s sexual power.

The idea of expectation, uncertainty, immobility, the dominance of a partner, and the discovery of one’s own and his erotic appetites, all attract couples around the world to use handcuffs often attached to the bed. Investment is very low. You do not even need a hard and expensive sex-shop handcuff; you can do it with children’s play bags. Mostly it is just a feeling, not a real immobility.

Enhance your penis

The penis enhancement tool is a whole heap in sex shops, and it’s different in use and function. First of all, you can improve the penis with a condom, although with you most men will not agree. There are fragrant condoms, condoms with flavors and especially condoms with different shaping and crinkling. Above all, the last option mentioned will greatly affect the woman’s experience.

This is also the case with other penis aids. These are usually stronger silicone sleeves with different rings, creases, protuberances, shapes, or elongations. All this is in order to give the woman more intense love delight. Another possible “improvement” is the use of erection rings. Thanks to them the man will last much longer with a much harder erection.

In addition, a number of rings offer a bonus function in the form of their own special shaping or vibration, which in the final only enhances the experience of both men and women. All these tools are very cheap. They are moving in the order of dozens, at most a few hundred crowns.

Erotic playing blocks

Erotic games gain the emphasis on the second word in the phrase by playing a seductive erotic game. There are plenty of them on the market. These are different sex variations Man, do not be angry, popular is the need for stripping poker (or more frequent rains in our regions) or erotic roulette, etc.

We have chosen for you the popular, simple and cheap playing dice. These can also be purchased in several variants, with the principle of the game always the same, with only the tasks that the dice set to fill you. For example, one type of dice works by writing a piece of work on one cube, on the other, a part of the partner’s body to focus on.

The lickear combination is, of course, the poorest one. The variations are limited, but you will surely enjoy some evenings with these dice.

Edible panties

The erotic goods undoubtedly include erotic underwear for both men and women. The offer is very varied and everyone chooses to suit their taste or fetish. We recommend such an innocent and interesting thing – eaten ladies’ panties. With a price under two hundred crowns, they serve only once but fun is taken care of.

You can wear them on for a while; panties are perfumed and available in many different flavors, especially any sweet. Some more advanced types of linen even work so that the sweets from which panties are made will more react to warmth and dampness, thus giving more flavor. At these special places, panties will be tastier.

Love Balls

In the end, we will introduce the popular balls of Venus to women. Although they can use a certain amount of imagination and determination to use even in pairs of sex, more use is made of women who are currently without men. These are small string balls that slide into the vagina and start spinning vibration rotating things when the button is switched on. They can bring a woman to great pleasure.

The balls of Venus even have recently begun, with their popularity, to extrude a vibrator in the form of a vibrator. Women’s range of applications and uses are much more convenient. The price is also at the level of a few hundred crowns, so you get a lot of good fun for so little money.

Today, more than ever before, he has a lot of erotic material for amusement. Some people oppose porn, but it is not necessary to look at the toughest and the most eccentric. There is a lot of available material, which is produced ethically, engages in positive attitude towards sex, and shows real sex rather than porn stereotypes. And we do not even take into account the flood of home videos that people share on a voluntary basis online every day.

A common view of a thing is a man who is bottled from visual images and a woman of words. It is true that modern erotic novels are massively read by women, but surveys have shown women to excite visual imagery as well as men. Likewise, many men like to read erotic stories. And if you like the thought of listening to not just sweet, whispering whistles in your ear, there’s a myriad of erotic audio books and recordings that include maybe all the other sex you can imagine.

Advisors recommend erotic materials to couples to enhance their relationship. However, it pays to talk to your partner first. Getting clear of a full porn pocket bag or your secret fetish would not have to come up with a positive reception. Have fun about what you both like or surf the internet. Stay in glossary terms if you are ashamed to speak out loud about them. As far as the confession of your fantasies is concerned, it is better to start with more moderate desires and gradually works out to the wildest after you find out the lover’s reaction.

Photos, videos, stories and audiences are in abundance, so you can choose from. The more precisely you specify what you like, the closer you find it – the more your lover knows about your wishes.

The erotic material can be used as a prelude for inspiration for a hot night. Open up to new things, get ready to explore and know what excitement you will discover.

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